Used Cooking Oil

Global Overseas Corporate is one of the largest Bio-diesel Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. We are the one of the largest potential suppliers of Used Vegetable oil, Used Cooking oil, Waste Cooking oil, Cotton seed oil and Coconut oil. We are serving our beloved customers with Hygienic, Superior Quality and Cosmic-friendly Bio-diesel with over 50 years of prominent experience in this industry. We have healthy oil contracts with 40 Oil factories, 5 of which are our own factories. We get waste and used oil extracts from these factories for producing Bio-diesel. We are in this business since from past fourth generation in serving our beloved customers.

Used Cooking Oil

Recycled Vegetable Oil is also specified as a Used Cooking Oil (UCO) which is retrieved from Businesses and Industry that use the oil for cooking purpose


Composition: 100% Vegetable Oil

Free Fatty Acid (FFA) 3 - 5% Max

Moisture and impurities (MIU) 0.3 - 1% Max

Saponification Value 18185-1955-195

Iodine Value 100 - 120

Titre C (Melting point) 13.75℃

Specific ℃0.915 Density (kgk/m3) 920

Flashpont by P.-M. (Degree C) 220

Acid Value (mg/KOH)/g) 7.0 Max

Water 50ppm (0.005%)

Calorific Value (kj/kg) 36,000

Kinemativ Viscosity (40 deg.C) (mm/2s)

Carbon Residue 0.4% Max

Sulphur Content (mg/kg) 18 Max

Phosphorous Content (mg/kg) 15 Max

Used Cooking oil have ISO 9001:2015 and ISCC-EU Certificate and can be packed in one 20 Feet Flexi Tank in which 24 Tons can be loaded, in one 20 Feet ISO Tank 24 Tons can be loaded and flexi bags in bulk.

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  50% advance by TT (Telegraphic Transfer) to our above banking details
   The remaining 50% after receiving the shipping documents


  After we receive the Payment within 7 days from the date of order confirmation


  The Loading port will be at Chennai, India

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Our minimum order Quantity will be 50/100 Tons and Quantity/available: 15,000 MT *12 months Contract

The vital point is

We are a Very Serious Bio-diesel Manufacturers in India

If you are Very Serious buyers, Please visit our factory in India

We have our own Bio-diesel manufacturing factory and 40 rental factory units in India

If you are very serious buyers, please contact us immediately

We are awaiting for your early conformation order ASAP

We are one of the Bio-diesel Manufacturers in India and very ideal for biodiesel production which is the only cheapest oil source.

While shipment we provide the following documents

SGS International Laboratory Test report - one original

Lab Test report laboratory - one original

MSDS Certificate - 3 originals

ISO 9001:2015 - one copy

ISCC Certificate - one copy

COMMERCIAL Invoice: 3 originals

Packaging list : 3 originals

Bill of lading: 3 negotiable + 3 non negotiable